Why Line Rider Advanced is Awesome


Built with performance in mind

Cross Platform

Line Rider Advanced runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

Open Source

Line Rider Advanced is open source, and hosted on Github. Anybody can make edits to or view the code


Version 1.04

Foreword Lots of changes here, a lot to get used to. There is a video to accompany this release here: New Features Select tool Line Adjustment Tool has been renamed to the Select Tool Draw Read more…

Version 1.03.1

This is generally a quality of life update following 1.03 Smooth camera backend changed Holding shift while using the line tool no longer prevents you from holding x to start x/y snap. Fixed a bug Read more…

Version 1.03

A newer version is available. Download it here. Foreword Between 1.0 and 1.2 there were 69 total code commits. This version moves that number to over 300. There are a ridiculous amount of changes in Read more…