Lots of changes here, a lot to get used to.

There is a video to accompany this release here:

New Features

Select tool

  • Line Adjustment Tool has been renamed to the Select Tool
  • Draw a box with the line selection tool to select lines
  • Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V act as cut, copy, and paste, respectively
    • Copy and paste locations are based on the center of the screen, this is to simplify animation uses.
  • Control to toggle selection
  • Shift to add more to selection
  • Drag the selection corners to scale
  • Right click the selection corners to rotate

Transparent Frame Overlay

  • Shows the lines from the previous frame on screen for animation
  • Toggle with V

.track.json Support

  • Line Rider Advanced can now load and save .track.json files
  • They’re more limited than .trk files, but compatible with .com

Key Rebinding

  • Just about everything can be rebound now, you can even use mouse buttons
    • Notably, mouse buttons do not accept “repeat” events, so you cannot hold a mouse button to repeat an action


  • Triggers now replace the previous trigger if two happen simultaneously. this helped squash a lot of bugs
  • There’s now one proper “camera state” per frame including zoom level. Editing outside of that zoom level shows a little icon in the top right showing you how to reset the camera state
    • Default hotkey to reset the camera state is N
  • Song sync really is tied to tracks now, so you can remove a song from a track now, etc.
  • New ‘Track Info’ window – ctrl T
  • Escape window opens a menu now instead of just preferences
  • ffmpeg (for recording) is no longer bundled with the game. If you need to record a track or convert a song, ffmpeg will automatically download and put in ~/Documents/LRA/ffmpeg/{your platform}
  • All settings are saved now
  • Red line multipliers can now go up to 255 by manually editing the multiplier value
  • Red lines can also now have their acceleration inverted
  • Added in conditions for lifelock
  • Renamed “Smooth Camera” to “Predictive Camera”
    • Another camera mode has been added called Soft Camera, which is intended to be an unoffensive smooth camera.


  • New UI, you’ll want to feel around a bit. It’s quite different.
  • Timeline functionality has changed, any frame on the timeline is the “real” state of the frame.
    • Flag can no longer be wrong. It acts as a fixed frame marker on the timeline
    • Flag can be dragged along the timeline
  • New visual indicators for the Select Tool
  • Scarf has increased flutter


  • Interacting with UI with the Pencil Tool and scenery line type selected no longer erroneously draws lines.
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash while loading and drawing lines
  • Fixed an issue causing a flag ghost to show in recording


Windows / Linux macOS

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