Version 1.04


Lots of changes here, a lot to get used to.

There is a video to accompany this release here:

New Features

Select tool

  • Line Adjustment Tool has been renamed to the Select Tool
  • Draw a box with the line selection tool to select lines
  • Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V act as cut, copy, and paste, respectively
    • Copy and paste locations are based on the center of the screen, this is to simplify animation uses.
  • Control to toggle selection
  • Shift to add more to selection
  • Drag the selection corners to scale
  • Right click the selection corners to rotate

Transparent Frame Overlay

  • Shows the lines from the previous frame on screen for animation
  • Toggle with V

.track.json Support

  • Line Rider Advanced can now load and save .track.json files
  • They’re more limited than .trk files, but compatible with .com

Key Rebinding

  • Just about everything can be rebound now, you can even use mouse buttons
    • Notably, mouse buttons do not accept “repeat” events, so you cannot hold a mouse button to repeat an action


  • Triggers now replace the previous trigger if two happen simultaneously. this helped squash a lot of bugs
  • There’s now one proper “camera state” per frame including zoom level. Editing outside of that zoom level shows a little icon in the top right showing you how to reset the camera state
    • Default hotkey to reset the camera state is N
  • Song sync really is tied to tracks now, so you can remove a song from a track now, etc.
  • New ‘Track Info’ window – ctrl T
  • Escape window opens a menu now instead of just preferences
  • ffmpeg (for recording) is no longer bundled with the game. If you need to record a track or convert a song, ffmpeg will automatically download and put in ~/Documents/LRA/ffmpeg/{your platform}
  • All settings are saved now
  • Red line multipliers can now go up to 255 by manually editing the multiplier value
  • Red lines can also now have their acceleration inverted
  • Added in conditions for lifelock
  • Renamed “Smooth Camera” to “Predictive Camera”
    • Another camera mode has been added called Soft Camera, which is intended to be an unoffensive smooth camera.


  • New UI, you’ll want to feel around a bit. It’s quite different.
  • Timeline functionality has changed, any frame on the timeline is the “real” state of the frame.
    • Flag can no longer be wrong. It acts as a fixed frame marker on the timeline
    • Flag can be dragged along the timeline
  • New visual indicators for the Select Tool
  • Scarf has increased flutter


  • Interacting with UI with the Pencil Tool and scenery line type selected no longer erroneously draws lines.
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash while loading and drawing lines
  • Fixed an issue causing a flag ghost to show in recording


Windows / Linux macOS

Version 1.03.1

This is generally a quality of life update following 1.03

  • Smooth camera backend changed
  • Holding shift while using the line tool no longer prevents you from holding x to start x/y snap.
  • Fixed a bug causing the camera to jitter at random times.
  • Clicking the play button is back to intended functionality, and will resume from a paused state instead of starting the track over.


Windows / Linux macOS

Version 1.03

A newer version is available. Download it here.


Between 1.0 and 1.2 there were 69 total code commits. This version moves that number to over 300. There are a ridiculous amount of changes in this version, and can’t possibly address all of them. This version was part of a very painful, long project that was rewriting nearly every component of this project. I’ve gone through a few weeks of bug testing before releasing this version. It should be pretty solid, but a lot has changed. I may have missed some things to document, however.

This version wasn’t technically intended to have many more changes than the prerelease, but in reimplementing the code, it came naturally. Basically, this version paved the way for adding new features much faster.


The smooth camera in this version is planned to change by the next version, if you do not like it currently, disable it and enable “Round legacy camera” for something that feels a little more standard.

Hotfix (103-r3) 03/17/18

  • Mac OS only: Hotkeys including modifier keys (Control/Alt/Shift) should now work. I don’t think I managed to fix Command. I’m sorry.

Hotfix (103-r2) 03/16/18

  • Scroll sensitivity is now a setting
  • Fixed middle mouse button panning
  • Mac OS only: Command should work in place of Control for hotkeys.

New Features


  • Press Ctrl+S to save your progress to a quicksave file
  • Quicksave files act exactly like normal files, and are saved with the most recent filename 2 quicksave.trk for example. There is one important difference, if the most recent save you’ve made is a quicksave, it will be overwritten. This is to encourage frequent saving without polluting your track directory
  • Changes made to a track since last save are now indicated in the top left


  • Opening up lra now opens up your most recently loaded or saved track!

Smooth camera

  • There’s a brand new smooth camera. It is still subject to change. Feedback is welcome
  • The camera can still be toggled to be like previous versions of line rider
  • Added a new “round legacy camera” setting to supplement the old camera. The 6.2 camera was a square bounding box, so this setting can change that.

Recording can now save music to the output video.

  • Uses whatever song is enabled at its given offset


  • Line Adjust Tool
    • You can now move a line with the adjustment tool by clicking on its center.
    • Line properties now have a “save changes” or “cancel” button.
    • You can now try to lifelock while the rider is alive, and it will wait until you move the line to a place that kills the rider to “enable”
    • You can move a line along its axis by moving the line and holding shift. (ctrl + shift, if you grab it by the nodes), additionally, you can move a line perpendicular to its axis (up/down) by holding x as well. This can be used to change the strength of gravity wells
    • Now properly updates line extensions. Previously it was impossible to make an anti-gravity-well with this tool.
  • Pencil Tool
    • Scenery is drawn with more lines to capture greater detail
    • Undo applies to the whole stroke
    • Now will show the size of a dot for scenery
  • Line Tool
    • Line end longer tries to snap to the same spot the start of the line did.
  • Eraser Tool
    • Larger
    • Hitbox fits the cursor
    • Undo applies to a whole stroke
  • Hand tool
    • Can now zoom with right click
  • Autosaves are now saved as autosave00, autosave01. 00 Is the newest one, and when an autosave is made, it will move the previous autosave00 to autosave01
  • Frame stepping and moving across the timeline is now consistent with the “proper” camera position
  • Changed onion skinning behavior
  • If momentum vectors and contact lines are on, during iteration stepping, the next momentum tick will be faintly visualized
  • Zoom with the mouse wheel is now a lot more responsive
  • Hit test will now only show the lines hit up to the current frame, so if you go backwards on the timeline it will update to be as if you played just up to that point
  • Camera now plays nice with the timeline. Going backwards a frame will show the camera where it would be at that point
  • Line snapping is 15 degrees, from 45. At high zoom, it goes back to 45.
  • Length locking key moved to L
  • Performance improvements across the board


  • “Contact Lines” setting now shows constraints that die after the first as semi-transparent. The solid, first constraint that dies is the most important, as it’s the one that actually “kills” the rider. The ones following are only predictions
  • “Momentum Vectors” setting now shows lines of fixed length. The setting is intended for determining the possible ways for a line to interact with the contact
  • Improvements to the visibility of UI in nightmode
  • Line tool now displays preview lines in the color they would be.
  • New cursors
  • New font
  • Pencil tool will show the size of a dot for scenery
  • Onion skinning changed.
  • The selected track in the load window will now indicate filename in the window title.


  • Scenery width has been fixed
  • Text clipping now works
  • Many recording related fixes
  • Smooth playback no longer causes weird playback in some instances.

Features that should be here, but were delayed to 1.04

These are the features that couldn’t make it in this version. it’s been 5 months since a version release, so I had to delay these. They’ll come around next time.

  • .track.json loading
  • Line selection, copy/paste, etc
  • More user camera settings
  • Key rebinding. Your linerider.conf file now features all keybindings, and can be changed, but it’s not officially a feature until I add a UI, so use with care.

Bugs can be reported by creating an issue on the issues page. You can also usually find me on the line rider discord as well.


Windows / Linux macOS